About the Green Collection

  • The GreenCollection comes up with 55 high quality cut out trees and plants for your architectural visualization. Made by architects for architects.

  • Simply drag a tree into your rendering, resize it and that´s it! The high resolution of average 2000 px 2000 px (some at least 6000px!) guarantees a wide field of usage. All objects based on real photos and are masked by hand. They come as PNG file with alpha channel and in addition as JPG (color map and alpha map).

  • Not convinced? Test the free download example file to see what you get!

  • Find more detailed information about the GreenCollection here:
    Detailed information about the GreenCollection


    How it works

    1. Choose a tree of your choice and open it e.g. in Photoshop
    2. Drag the tree in your rendering
    3. Resize it if neccessary
    4. That´s it!

    No time consuming masking anymore!

    Customer Voices

    "I like your Green-Collection! The trees are of very good quality."
    T.H.I.S. Thomas.Hanauer.Internet.Service www.this-web.de
    "Thank you. Very good and constant quality"
    Boldt CAD- and Visualization Services www.projekt-visualisierung.de