About the Green Collection

  • The GreenCollection comes up with 55 high quality cut out trees and plants for your architectural visualization. Made by architects for architects.

  • If you also have masked your trees yourself so far you know best that it is a really time and effort consuming process. That´s why we created the "GreenCollection" - because you should save valuable time for more valuable tasks!

    The "GreenCollection" features a large library with 55 cut out trees, hedges, shrubs, flowers, ivy or forest horizons. All graphics are manual and precise masked and saved in PNG with alpha channel and JPG file format. The hedges are already tileable textures so that no unclean transitions from texture to texture can be seen.

    Since all objects are based on photographs, their adequately high resolution of approx. 2000 px x 2000 px live up to the requirements of screen displays up to large size prints. The high resolution allows parts of a treetop to be resized and moved to the picture margin without a problem to e.g. simulate the perspective off a balcony. The "GreenCollection" can be used in all graphic software commonly used in the industry (Photoshop, PaintShopPro, The Gimp, etc.). It's extremely quick and easy to use: in Photoshop for example simply drag & drop the desired cut out tree tree to your rendering, scale the size of the tree to your artwork - done!

    The cut out trees and plants can also be inserted and edited in popular 3D programs.

    Not convinced? Test the Free Download Example file to see what you get

    The "GreenCollection offers true time savings to benefit your projects today!

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    Customer Voices

    "I like your Green-Collection! The trees are of very good quality."
    T.H.I.S. Thomas.Hanauer.Internet.Service www.this-web.de
    "Thank you. Very good and constant quality"
    Boldt CAD- and Visualization Services www.projekt-visualisierung.de